4-5-08... Jim, Thank you for your rapid reply to my order. If the Piggyback Strap system works as well as I expect it to, then I won't just tell all of my riding friends about it; I'll show them! I saw a review of the system in the current issue of the BMW Owners News. I thought that the Piggyback Straps might be just the ticket to carry a pair of large whitewater canoe bags on the rear seat of my 2002 BMW R1150R, during my ride from South Florida to the Yukon Territory and Alaska this summer. I am willing to try a system that's supposed to be safer and easier to use, as well as more secure. Take care. Pete. South Miami. Florida.
4-6-08... Jim, Thanks for the note. It's nice to deal with a real person instead of a nameless/faceless company. I ride a K1200 LT, and my wife(new rider) has a Vulcan 900 LT. One set of straps for me and one for her. I saw the article about your straps in the BMW Owners News. We plan to use those straps allot this summer. Thanks again. Regards, Bill
5-27-08-- Jim, I ride a BMW 1200GS Adventurer. I camp allot with it and have rigged up various setups to carry my gear. I saw your review in the MCN and went to your web site. I'm glad somebody finally made what appears to be just the set-up I need. Packing stuff up for Day 1 of a trip is easy... Re-packing to move to another campsite or trying to get into something without unpacking all over again..not so easy. Looking forward to trying it out. Ray
6-8-08-- Jim, We are looking forward to trying out the new straps..Read about them in motorcycle consumer news article from several years ago. I ride a BMW R1200 ST, my husband rides a R1200RT. We are motorcycle campers and want a better method than bungee cords--your product should be what we need. Nancy.
6-9-08..Jim, I ride a BMW K1200 RS '03. I saw your straps in the Owners News and thought they were great. I am taking a trip later this month and will let you know how they work out. Keith
6-10-08 - Jim, Ride an 05 Kawaski Concours. Leaving soon for a trip to eastern Arizona and then mountains in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. Of course, I have to cross most of Texas to get there and back. I saw the review of the straps in MCNews in the last year. I'd been thinking of trying other options than bungee to strap the tent , sleeping bag/pad to the back seat. I thought your setup is a better deal than the Helen 2Wheels straps I'd run across before on a web site. Also, can always us more visibility. In case your interested, I'm going to try putting some of the reflective tape under the red "lens" on the back of my Shad trunk. I was surprised when I got the trunk last year and the red wasn't reflective. I've already got the black "invisible" tape on the back of my saddle bags and fender. Brian.
5-27-08...Hi Jim, I ride an 06 FZ1, and am a touring kind of guy. Been waiting to pull the trigger on your straps since I first read about them in MCN. Great product--as anyone whose been zapped by a wild bungee can attest. I am looking forward to getting them in time for my June 7 Oregon -Cali-Idaho trip. (2700 miles in 7 days). Thanks for your time, Brian.
2-25-08****Jim-Thanks for the personal response---that's quite a surprise! I will be glad to recommend the straps to my riding buddies after I try them out and see if they're as good as MCN has said. I do know that I'm totally sick of bungee cords and am glad someone was smart enough to come up with a viable alternative. Right now I ride a 1991 BMW K75s, mostly for sport touring and the shorter iron butt rides. But I'm contemplating adding a new KLR -650 to the stable. I don't think I'll make it to Bike Week because I'm working two jobs, but plan to attend the Honda Hoot this summer when I can take sometime off. Thanks again, Jackhammer Jack. Assistant Principal, Middle Creek High School. Apex, NC.
3-16-08***Jim- Just wanted to let you know that I*love* the straps! When they arrived in the mail I was amazed at how "big and beefy" they were. They were a lot stronger and more substantial than I expected. Thank you for making a great product. I wish I had discovered them a long time ago, as I have several chips in my paint already from nasty metal bungee hooks. You can count on me to recommend the straps to all my riding buddies. Thanks again, Andy (Jackhammer Jack).
5/1/08 Jim, I got the straps today Way cool! You thought of everything-right down to twisting the webbing when forming the loop so it forms better! Nice job-thanks! Best, Gary. Associate Professor, Dept. of Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology. NM State University.
5-15-08 Hello Jim, Thanks for the straps, I love them. It's nice to receive something I ordered on the internet and get what I thought I was going to get. Well made and durable. I ride a R1200GS & K1200RS & 750 Norton Commando, 05 Aprilla Tuono, and finally a 98 Honda XR 400. The straps are going to Alaska on the GS this summer. Thanks again, Jim PS. My son Enzo also bought some.
6-11-08-- Jim, You asked "What do you ride?" Thanks for asking. It's nice to do business with riders that take interest in fellow riders. Right now I have two bikes, both Buells. I have a 1998 S3T Thunderbolt with 24k miles and a 2007 City Cross (XB9SX) with 8k miles. Two years ago I sold my 2001 Kawasaki KLR 650, which I now regret. I am looking to replace it with a Suzuki DR 650. What are you strapping your luggage to these days? As for telling my friends about your products, I'd be happy to. I originally saw Piggyback straps reviewed in my October 2007 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News. You should ask them for permission to put a copy of the article on your web site. It sold me. You should also know that I briefly considered ROK straps based on the February 2008 Motorcycle Consumer News, " Straps vs. Bungees". I decided against them because I felt the elastic posed the same danger as the bungees and although the quick release buckle seems convenient, I also see them as a potential point of failure. I'll be using your straps with my Helen Two Wheels roll top sacks. My past experience with Helen Two Wheel's straps convinced me to avoid bungee cords. Her straps were pretty good, yours look like they'll be great! Lastly, and most importantly, I'm leaving for Wisconsin of a bike trip Sunday , June 29th. Do you think the straps will arrive by Friday, June 27th? Thanks, Brian

7 JULY 2008 Jim, My straps just arrived. Great. Bob.

Good morning, I just ordered a set of Piggyback Straps. I have read the reviews in Motorcycle Consumer News and the BMW MOA magazine. I am attending my first BMW rally next week in Gillette, WY, and plan to leave on Wednesday, July 16th. A fellow rider swears by your straps and has convinced me to get rid of my bungee cords. I just want to commend you for making a great product and I look forward to using them on my trip. Have a wonderful day, Wayne Peyton, Colorado

Hi Jim,* I ride a 2004 BMW R1150RT. I like the way your straps hold two different duffel bags. I'll be happy to pass on my recommendations to my friends. Thanks for the note. I figured you got my shipping info from Paypal but I wanted to check with you. Mark

I bought your product a short time ago. I went on a short weekend ride with an oversized inflatable sleeping mat. Secured it to my bike and things were just fine. Iím going on another weekend camping trip with my usual gear. Iím excited to use you product. Iím sure I will have no problems. Thanks very much. Duke Santa Barbara, Ca.

JimÖ. I ride a BMW GS Adventure and am a true believer in straps vs. bungee. Currently I have a couple of Helen 2 Wheels bags that I stack on each other and when I saw the review of your product in the BMWMOA Ö I said to myself ďI need thoseĒ. Hey maybe Iíll see you in Gillette, WY at the BMWMOA rally? Tom

Thank you for such a great product. I can't imagine using bungee cords again. They must be the strongest and most secure device to attach anything to a motorcycle. I recently had a mechanical failure with a new bike and had to be towed over 100 miles to a dealer. The towing service arrived with ONE working tie-down strap. I employed your Piggyback Anchor Straps as tie-downs and they performed flawlessly. ANOTHER reason to always carry them. Jack

8-27-08 Jim, Thanks, they arrived yesterday. I like the new metal D-rings, too; definitely have a good heavy-duty feel. I'll definitely continue to tell my riding buddies about your excellent product and great customer service. Thanks, Ned

Sep 7, 2008 I have received the straps and I used them on Laborday weekend,I was at the Blueridge motorcycle campground, and I showed them to all my friends I hope you get some orders from them. My self I love them, I'll never use a bungee cord again. Mr. BILL FJR----- Original Message -----

Sept. 08 Hey Jim, Got the straps and they look great. I receive MCN every month and that's where I first saw the review of your product. To answer your question about what I ride....hmmm..currently a 2000 HD Road King Classic and a 1997 Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird. Previously I've had a Moto Guzzi, Ural, BMW K-bike, Yamaha, Honda and Buell. If you're ever around the Great Smoky Mtn National Park, and Maryville TN, in particular, give me a shout and we'll ride. I'm a conservative rider and don't normally ride in large groups, just to keep it simple. I live about 25 minutes from the beginning of "The Dragon", near Deal's Gap NC if you ever have an itch to ride it. Thanks again for the nice straps and I'm sure I turn many of my buddies on to your product as soon as they see them in use. Regards, Scott Spitler 865-681-6226 Maryville TN

Hey Jim: Thanks for your note. I believe I spoke to your wife yesterday about sending the straps to Irmo Elementary School, 7401 Gibbes Street, Irmo SC 29063 c/o Patrick Kelly. Yes, I love your straps and this is my 3rd order! Presently ride a 2005 Triumph Tiger, '93 BMW K75S, '91 BMW R100RT, and '04 KLR 650! A diverse little group! Keep making those good products and I'll pass the word. I'm also an MSF RiderCoach and while we don't promote brands, I try to help new riders become aware of neat options like yours! Take care... Mike Kelly

Sep. 2008 Not a great picture but your piggyback straps were a pleasure to use over the 3,000 miles I traveled over the last two weeks. Sturdy, simple, professional. I enjoyed them. Lisa


Hi Jim, I've had this article on the piggyback straps next to the computer for months, and really wanted to try them. Christmas was a good excuse. I certainly will show them off, packing at the rallies, and will tell my friends. One set of straps is a Christmas present for my wife. She rides a Can-Am Spyder, and stole my Helen2Wheels straps. The other set is for me. I tour with a BMW R1100RT, but also ride vintage BMWs, a vintage Triumph, an old Simplex, and a variety of vintage Hondas. Scotty

12-13-08***Hi Jim, I ride a Kawasaki KLR 650, geared up to do the Alaskan highway this coming summer and a BMW R1150RT which I tour on to rallys and vacations. The bungie and tie down thing just wasn't working, I'll be showing my new straps to everone, great idea. Thanks, Dave.

12-15-08****Jim, I have a 1150GS. I am planning on doing more camping next year. The straps look like they will work well. Jon Mitchell

12-15-08, Hello Jim, The straps are for my dad, he rides a 2005 BMW 1100RT, I ride a 1985 BMW K100RS, how about you? I'm going to end up ordering a set of straps for myself as well. Thanks, Dan

Victoria British Columbia V8V 4E5 Canada. 12-01-08**Hi Jim, Thanks for your prompt reply. I'm looking forward to trying the straps and I'll be sure to spread the word. I ride an '06 FJR. Bob

Thanks Jim Saw your ad in BMW (US) monthly newsletter. I ride several; BMW K1200GT, and F800GS; Piaggio MP3 scooter, Vespa ET2 Cheers, Peter Auckland, New Zealand.

2-2-09 Jim, Thanks for the reply. The strap system should get me free of bungie cords forever. I ride a Kaw ZRX1200R. Will be riding to DC again this May- "Run For The Wall", with several hundreds of Viet-Nam Vets.. Regards, Doug Nichols
Hi there Jim, Thanks for the prompt service. I ride a Vstrom 1000. I actually saw a story in the BMW owners magazine about your straps and thought they were a very good idea. Mike Smith British Columbia, Canada
3-26-09 Jim, We saw the straps in MCU and the evaluation was very positive. They will fit our needs perfectly. We ride in Ohio mostly, but some of us are known to do the coast to coast runs. John Rhodes
4-5-09 My wife and I are leaving in a week to ride around the USA for the next 4 months on our BMW K1200 GT. We are using the Piggyback Straps to tie down our two water proof bags on the back instead of using the stock hard bag from BMW. Being on the road for this long requires some additional gear. My friend had a set of the straps and insisted that I try them. So I am using his and shipping him a new set. Greg M.
5-3-09 Hi Jim, I received my order confirmation from you this morning. I recently purchased a BMW R-1200 RT. I'm a camper so I look forward to using the Straps to secure my gear on the back of the bike. I purchased Helen two wheel bags and straps a few years ago and the " D " rings on the straps broke on the first trip out. Threw the straps away and went back to my old faithful bungees. Hope yours work better. Will let you know. Jack Corley
2-02-2010 Thanks for the order Mike. Your welcome Jim. Took your Piggy backs on a 7061 mile trip from Idaho through Michigan then a Triumph rally in Georgia, then to Florida. Came back the Southern route to the "Heart Attack grill" in Chandler Az. Then back up to Idaho. Great trip on a Triumph America (cruiser) a one month trip. It was sweet. I will talk about the adventures along the way for ever. Your piggyback straps held my 91 liter bag, tent and sleeping bag the whole way without a slip...Thank you for a great product. I am ordering the second set of straps just so I have them. First set still in fine working order. Thanks again, ride safe, Mike
2-4-2010 Jim, Received my order of Piggyback straps today. Inside you asked where I 1st heard of them, it was the article in MC Consumer News. Thank you for the "Soft Ties", "Ref Tape" and "C-Me Straps" you included with my reorder. Thank you very much. My buddy saw mine and ordered a set of your straps and he is very happy with them also. I am happy to recommend your products, and I will. Ride Safe, Mike
5-7-2010 Hi Jim, I read about the straps in MCN (Motorcyle Consumer News). To find them I Googled "piggyback strap" and found your site. I ride an FJR and also received a recommendation for your straps from another FJR rider. Ken
7-7-10 Hello Jim, Thanks for sending those out so quickly. Really do appreciate it. Can't wait to get them. I ride a 2004 BMW R1100S. I've never been a fan of bungee cords and when I saw a review about these straps and how good they were in an issue of BMWON, I said perfect. Have to get a set. Can't wait to use them. I'll pass your site on to other fellow riders. Safe riding and thanks again, Brian
>8-28-2010 Keith, What do you ride? Please tell all your riding friends about Piggyback Straps. Thanks Jim/ I ride a BMW K1200GT -- mostly long-distance touring. I recently got back from a 7000-mile jaunt from Ohio through the western states, and back home across Canada, stopping for a couple of days at a rally in Redmond, OR. I've used a similar strap system, from Helen TwoWheels, for years. But, on this last trip, I finally tugged too hard and broke one of the plastic D-rings. Someone told me about your steel rings, so I'm giving them a try. The "piggyback" rings are icing on the cake -- cool idea. http://www.brummetts.org/cycles/images/yellowstone.jpg -- Keith
Aug 29,2010 Jim, I wanted to pass this along to you, just for your information. And, again, thank you for your generous donation for our DFWBMW annual party two years ago. Your straps simply work as advertised. What more could one ask for ? My best to you and please say hello to your lovely bride. Bill Ft. Worth
Begin forwarded message: From: Bill Sharp Date: August 26, 2010 9:12:37 AM CDT To: IBMWR Subject: Re: [BMWMc] More topcase Hi Eric, I put about 15K a year on my K1200GT and use: 1. A G-Force Racing Gear bag which is a great back rest. 2. I tie it down, along with sleeping pad, bag, tent and Kermit chair with Piggback straps. The straps are key. They have metal D rings and won't break, regardless. I've dumped several times and never has anything come off the bike. (Wow ! A public confession) Again: piggybackstraps.com A senior couple in Windber, PA. make them and they'll mix and match colors and lengths. Couldn't ask for better. Best, Bill Ft. Worth
9-29-2010 Hi Jim, Received the straps and they are great! Been using the regular "camping style" straps to tie down gear, but those have plastic buckles; we much prefer the metal D-Rings, and having less straps to properly secure our load thanks to the double ring strap. Was almost ready to buy the Rok straps that people like, but a few online reviews like: http://www.southwestrides.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=10089 led me to your products, which will suit us better I believe. I was worried about the plastic connectors on the Rok and Helen systems and since we mostly have soft luggage to tie down, the need for a little give (from the bungee material) is not necessary. Both my Wife and I ride TW200 trail/dual sport bikes, carry all our camping gear, and need a bullet proof system to secure our gear through dense forest trails, and 200+ mile days on trails and/or pavement. The PiggyBack Anchor system is the best solution I have found after a great deal of research on the various systems out there. Thanks, Michael
Oct 2, 2010 Hi Jim, bought a set of your straps years ago after seeing them reviewed in a motorcycle magazine. I use them so often, almost every day, and like them so much I decided to get another set. I have a Triumph Bonneville, Tiger and a 2001 BMW F650GS:) Thanks.
Nov. 4,2011 Jim, I learned about the piggy back straps while looking though an old MCN article. I had just cut my hand last week while strapping my laptop to my pillon seat. The bungee cord I was using had metal hooks and it slipped, cutting my index finger. I ride a 2001 MZ Skorpion Traveller. I look forward to receiving the straps. Best Regards, Andy Fairey
May 14. 2012 Yes, I live in Venice FL, but I ride all over the world. I could have said much more about Piggyback but sometimes less is more. I am preparing for my annual Alaska and Yukon ride (6 years in a row) my friend who is going with me will also be using Piggyback (guess where he learned about them). I have a great story about one of my bikes catching on fire and the Piggyback, even though partially melted, still held together! Thanks again for a simple product that really works. Keep up the good work. Larry
May 18, 2012 Jim, I have ridden on 6 continents, all 50 states and all 10 provinces of Canada. Piggyback straps have never let me down. Thanks for a great product. Larry Corell
May 23. 2012.Received straps, new colors are great. Leaving in a few days for Alaska and the Yukon. The straps will look good on the bike. Thank You. Larry
May 27, 2017. Hi Jim, Already have an old set of Piggyback Straps ---a happy customer. as you can probably tell just bought a new RED bike and the old black ones are probably due for an upgrade. FYI the original heads up came from Steve Johnson(founder of the Chain Gang along time ago. Wasn't compleyly happy with Helen 2wheels straps. You solved my concerns exactly. I did spring for those Hi-Viz add-ons. Suggest thatyou advertise a bit more. or consider recuiting a "rally rat" to peddle your straps. Thanks again. Great product! Marty Graves.

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